Rodent Control

Mice and rats may seem cute in movies and pet shop windows, but when they’re living under your fridge and living off the food scraps that fall on the floor, its hard to see their cute side. Mice and rats are extremely easily attracted to any food scraps they find, and once they figure out you have food in your home, they won’t be planning on moving any time soon. Getting rid of mice and rats isn’t as easy as asking them to leave, they reproduce very quickly and in just a few short weeks you can have hundreds of them running around your home. Get on top of the issue quickly and call in Pest Control Of Broward to sort the problem out for you.

Assessing the Infestation

Every home is different and the same can be said for every infestation. Throughout our years of service we have learnt all the usual spots most pests hide, but more importantly we have learnt that pests really have a mind of their own and its hard to really predict where they will be. This is why we always start by trying to track down the source of the pests, so we can target them at their nest or hive and remove them completely. Treating the issue at the source is the only way to ensure your home is completely pest free when we are done.


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When traps don’t work for your pests, chemicals are usually the next step. Most of the chemicals you can buy at the supermarket to kill of pests may be slightly effective, but they are usually pretty harmful chemicals that aren’t safe to have around your home, plus if you poison pests the wrong way, they may crawl into small spaces and die, leaving you with a horrible, hard to find smell throughout your home. We use safe chemicals and use them properly so that you don’t have to worry about any foul smells in your home.

Clean Up

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Should you hire a Rodent Control Service?

Rodent Control is a great way to keep rodents away from your home and business. Rodents like rats, mice, and squirrels can cause all sorts of problems if they’re allowed to reside in your property unchecked for too long! They could chew through wires on appliances or devices that are plugged into the wall sockets; contaminate food sources with their droppings; bring fleas, ticks, or other pests into the environment; and even transmit diseases such as rabies. It only takes one rodent doing any of these things to put you at risk for serious health consequences. And since many people don’t know how to identify a rodent problem by sight alone (rats have whiskers while deer do not), there’s no telling when one might be active in your home or business.

There are a lot of reasons why you might need a Rodent Control Service. A few of the most common ones are:

  • You want to keep your home safe from rodents and other pests.
  • You have an infestation of rodents or another kind of pest in your home.
  • A rodent has been found dead inside the walls of your house, but you haven’t seen it for a while – this is usually a sign that more than one is living and breeding somewhere nearby.
  • Rodents are known carriers of the Hantavirus which is deadly and untreatable.
  • Rodent Control Service companies can help control any rodent problem with traps, baits, poisons, detergents, and many other methods to get rid of them!

What are the Benefits of Rodent Control Services?

There are many benefits of having an experienced Rodent Control Service do the work, including:

  • The expertise and equipment to help solve your problem
  • Professional technicians trained in the latest rodent control techniques
  • A specialized approach for each customer’s situation
  • Environmentally friendly solutions