Have you been unwittingly sharing your meals with small, pesky strangers that have been helping themselves to your kitchen? Pests come in all shapes and sizes, and normally they are highly motivated by the food scraps in your kitchen and around your home. We’ve all tried the “home remedies” of leaving out lemons and strange concoctions in milk bottle lids around our home that do anything but detract the attention of pests – if that hasn’t worked for you and you’re starting to get sick of sharing your home with pesky invaders, perhaps a professional pest control service is right for you.

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There never seems to be a sure fire way of getting rid of ants, cockroaches or mice in our home, or at least a permanent one – thankfully this is a common misconception throughout homes in the US. Pest Control Of Broward use specially designed pesticides along with local knowledge we’ve acquired over the years to not only rid your home of pests temporarily, but to keep them out for the long run. The last thing you need is to feel embarrassed inviting people into your home knowing that a rodent or bug might be joining you for your fancy dinner that you’re hosting for your friends.

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Unfortunately there are quite a lot of different creepy crawlies that like to set up shop in your home, and some of them you may not even be aware of until the damage has already been done years later. Pest control seems like a fairly simple industry but there is a lot that goes into being able to rid your home of all the pests that may decide to try and live with you. We have branched out to try and cover all the different types of pests found in your home, so that we can be a one stop shop for anything pest related. As you’ll see from the services that we offer, when you hire us to sort out your pest problem, we’ll make sure your home is completely pest free

Pest Control

Have you been noticing things around your home that make you feel like you aren’t living there alone? Small droppings around the house, food thats been eaten and wood that sounds hollow when you knock on it are all signs that you may have a pest problem in your home. Whether its a small infestation or a large occupation, we have all the tools and knowledge to solve the problem for you. Let our team take control and remove any pests that are getting on your nerves and take the steps required to keep them out of your home.

Rodent Control

Not many people seem too excited when they see a mice or rat running through their kitchen – unsurprisingly these unwanted house guests wear out their welcome very quickly and can be quite the nightmare to remove without professional help. Setting up mouse traps around the house isn’t the most ideal situation since you are inevitably going to have to deal with a nasty mess – plus a trap isn’t always guaranteed to deal with the whole problem. Mice breed very fast so a quick, professional solution is always recommended.

Bed Bugs

Unfortunately bed bugs aren’t just found in cheap backpacker lodgings, they can in fact breed anywhere and tend to enjoy clean new sheets just as much as old dirty ones. If you’ve come across bed bugs in your home or business then its essential to act fast. Give us a call to organise an emergency deep clean so that we can rid your bed of any bed bugs and ensure they won’t be returning any time soon.


Termites are a silent threat in many homes, most people can go decades without noticing them until their home is literally falling apart around them. Sometimes people can be lucky and detect them early by small noises in the night, but often there is no way of knowing until your floor boards start decaying in front of your eyes. Yearly professional termite checks are the best way to protect yourself against a very expensive repair bill.

Lawn Care

The condition of the lawn around your home is just as important as the inside, and often a well maintained lawn and garden can help protect you from unwanted pests. Pest Control Of Broward can help you to maintain your lawn and keep it looking its best all year long. We offer almost all lawn care services for your home, so enquire with our customer service team about how we can have your front or rear yard looking its best.


Keeping your place of business clean and pest free is essential for impressing your clients – the last thing your customer needs to see is a cockroach running across the floor of your bathroom while they’re visiting you. We offer ongoing services to professional businesses to help protect them from infestations of pests of all kinds, with a regular maintenance service to make sure that these measures are still being effective.

Our Process


Before any Pest Control Services are performed, an assessment is done to determine the needs of your project. Once we enter into a contract with each customer, our team will be able to provide you with any necessary paperwork needed for permits and other legalities that may come up during your job.


When it comes time for estimates, one of our specialists will give you all the information on how much particular services cost to help make your decision easier! Not only do they have an understanding of pricing but they also know which Commercial Pest Control Services work best together depending on what type of project yours is.


We will then come up with a plan to complete your project. We provide different options for you such as budget, timeline, and other aspects that are important in completing the Commercial Pest Control Services you need.


We will then arrange all of our scheduling so we can start working on your Commercial Pest Control Services! Once everything is set in place we’ll give you an update on what work has been completed or if there are any issues along the way which may happen depending on time constraints, weather conditions, and more variables. If anything does arise from these situations we make sure it’s communicated to both parties immediately so they have all information possible about their project at hand!


Now onto coordination; once again this varies based on where the Commercial Pest Control Services will be done but we try to do as much of the coordination for you as possible. This includes setting up all meeting points, coordinating with other contractors or suppliers that may need to come onto your property, and more! We want this process to run smoothly so there’s less stress on both parties involved in the Commercial Pest Control Service project.


This is the part of the Commercial Pest Control Services where we get to use our skills! We provide a wide range of skill sets and expertise.

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And last but not least is customer service; it’s so important that whatever task or job needs to be done gets completed correctly (and on time!). That means if anything does happen along the way with communications, weather conditions, or even just pesky animals like squirrels getting into things while we work on-site – we’ll be sure to do everything possible to keep providing great quality Commercial Pest Control Services until completion! So don’t hesitate to call us anytime day or night because we’re always there for you!

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Whether your home has a solitary spider on the ceiling or a small family of mice beneath the floorboards, having a pest control service rid them for you is the best way to make sure the problem doesn’t grow bigger over time. Whatever your infestation is, get in touch with our team and we will create a solution for you!

“I came home one day to find multiple mice eating food off my counter in my kitchen. I called Pest Control Of Broward straight away and they were there within a few hours to remove the infestation, I haven’t seen a single mouse since.” – Thomas G.

“I came home one day to find multiple mice eating food off my counter in my kitchen. I called Pest Control Of Broward straight away and they were there within a few hours to remove the infestation, I haven’t seen a single mouse since.” – Thomas G.

“I would highly recommend Pest Control Of Broward, their techniques and tools are extremely effective.” – Tony W.